Monday, January 21, 2008

SEO Startup

If we talk about SEO then there are certain factors which should check while uploading or updating a website.

Do the robots.txt file is formed properly for all the spiders to crawl? Does the sitemap is complete?

I have tried to find out some basic steps which you should check if you want to go wise with your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

1) Check that all the pages that you want to include in your site are there.

2) The naming convention of the pages should be distinct and SEO friendly.

3) Proper title and meta tags have been used.

4) Avoid using frames in your webpages.

5) A website map should be there like sitemap.html with links to all the pages of your website.

6) Include a 404 page not found or error handling page.

7) Add all the off load functionality code such as css, js etc

8) Add a robots.txt file which should be in correct format.

9) Create a sitemap.xml file and add this sitemap.xml to various search engines.

Please do let me know if you have any suggestions.


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