Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking strategy is the best of all times and easiest way to control your site output in terms of SEO.

Through better Internal Linking Strategies you could gain and long last your keyword rankings in search engines. Its all about valuable site based optimization know-how.

I have tried to summarized some best practice strategies as below

Top Internal Linking Strategies

a) Keep Internal Links Absolute.
Absolute Link simply means - use full URLs for your links. Rather than "/yourpage.html" use "http://www.yourdomain/yourpage.html". Absolutes help pages pull each other up in the rankings as they get older. If the page gets scraped, you ensure copied links remain in tact and provide link value back to your web pages.

b) Limit Your External Links.
Limit your external links so that you can focus where this link value is being directed. There should not be more than 10 external links per page.

c) The Anchor Text
This is the most important part. The text in your links is key, even with internal linking - so stay focused on your target keywords and phrases with your anchor text.

d) Keep Your Keyword Phrase Targeting Focused.
Don't fall into the trap of trying to get hundreds of top 10 rankings from one page. Focus on just a few keyword phrases per page and really target them in your SEO efforts. Any additional top rankings are a bonus.

e) Contextual Linking Counts Internally
Don't just rely on navigation and isolated site links to connect your internal pages. If you place links within web page copy - it provides more relevance and internal value to the link - just as it does with external inbound links.

f) Power Up on New Pages
If you're looking to launch a new page or give an existing page a ranking boost - ensure your top 5 internal pages are sending valuable link juice to it. This will give it a vital rank boost in the search results.

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